What is the Benefits and Importance of C Programming Language

Published: 20th June 2011
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C is a Programming Language Which knows every developer who engages in programming. C Programming Like a Mother of all programming language because itís give a platform which need every beginner Programmer. C Programming Developed by Denies Ritchie in 1972.

C Programming is a High Level Language Which Convert Human written code in Machine Language. C Mostly use in CUI (Character user Interface) Programs. User Can Develop Kind of Operating System application, Embedded System Application and all other programming Application.

C also has some special features which make easy programing in C Language. Itís Give own Data Type Like Int, (Integer), Char (Character), Float, Double, Array, Structure etc. Itís also use condition (If-else), Loops, (While, Do-While, For loop) etc. C also associated with UNIX. Itís a very powerful and high language makes easy your programming style. Itís more easy to other programming language because anyone can track or find error and bugs in c programming because itís use top down approach for run a program. Itís a Combination of High level language and Assembly Language so itís very useful for develop any program. Now a days many C version are available in market like Visual C, Turbo C, Borland Turbo C etc.

In C language some other Special Features are user can make own library which can use in our program and or application. User can make own Function, Data type, Preprocessor etc. They can give more flexibility and independence of a user for developing a program. C Programming also approved by ANSI (American National Standard Institute) as well as itís certified by ISO. In C Programming user can easily run, test and resolve error which help to fast and proper making a program and application.

Now days we are using many more program and application which have made in c programming. Some other Programming language which is a modify version of c language are very popular and famous in programming industry like C++ which based on Object Oriented Programming (OOP), C Sharp etc. Now a days C language also use with some other GUI (Graphic User Interface) Programming Language which can make an interface or platform for user where anyone can make some GUI Application. User can make Games Application, IT (Information Technology) Application, Business Application, Window Application, Unix Application etc. Beginner user can find some tutorial which can describe and provide some tutorials which give some basic program and information about c programming. User can also find some c programming tutorials in http//www.cprogrammings.com

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